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More impact on Southern AZ residents due to gov't shutdown

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It will be another quiet day at Saguaro National Park, where the gates will remain closed and visitors will be turned away until the government is back open.

The gates at Saguaro National Park, both east and west were closed to visitors all weekend, and if the Grand Canyon is part of a vacation plan in the near future, visitors need to think again.

There are residents here in Southern Arizona feeling the effects of the Grand Canyon being closed.   One Marana couple canceled their trip to the Grand Canyon and is now fighting to get all of their money back.

The family had been preparing for this hiking trip for more than a year, they would hike the trails around Tucson to build their endurance; but the government shutdown changed those plans in an instant.

The Andersons were among a group of 13 couples planning to hike the Grand Canyon this week, many of the couples were from Southern Arizona.  They are now out about $150 each couple, the hotel is arguing the group is a ‘tour group', but organizers argue it is just a big group of friends.  This would have been the second year the group traveled together.

The friends are still fighting to get their full refund.  They are not complaining though, they know others are feeling the effects of this shut down a lot worse.

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