Civilians return to work on Southern AZ military bases

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - There is some good news regarding the shutdown and Southern Arizona employees.

Civilian workers, furloughed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base are getting back to work this morning.

All 500 civilian employees at D-M will return to work this week, many of them began going back to work on Monday morning.

At Ft. Huachuca more than 360 civilians did return to work, this comes after President Obama signed the 'Pay our Military Act' into law.  The law allows all support staff to return to work.

For instance commissaries on both bases have been reopened; these are just one type of job where the furlough has been lifted.

What this means for the employees, they will work on an 'IOU' basis.  There is still uncertainty for employees returning to work, many say they do not know when they will receive their next paycheck.

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