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Midtown primary school comes with help from big buddies

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A local primary school is banking on the wisdom of the elderly to teach kids. The learning partnership between Academy Adventures Primary School and St. Luke's Home is one where both sides benefit.

Residents with Saint Luke's have been reading with the school's third graders and making learning easier.

"She will help me with words I don't know," says student Josh Pliler.

Other students feel more comfortable asking their reading friends questions.

"You get shy sometimes and with Jerry he can tell me and I don't get shy that much," says student Eric Lopez.

The learning project is a trade-off for the seniors who participate.  They get companionship, and even learn a few things from the kids.

When the fifth graders visit the seniors at St. Luke's, they get a perspective on history, and the seniors see what makes this next generation tick.

"The first time I told them how old I was and they went wow," says resident Edna Coyle.  During a recent visit, she let the students test out their interviewing skills for a class project.

Seniors and their youthful counterparts also have game time where they get to know each other.

they also get in some game time— and the seniors thrive on the companionship.

"Kindness, generosity, helpfulness," says resident Jerry Milton.  "I have hope that this generation coming up will be different."

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