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Tasmanian devils arrive at San Diego Zoo

Source: San Diego Zoo Source: San Diego Zoo

SAN DIEGO, CA (Tucson News Now) - No, they're not the ones from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The San Diego Zoo is now home to four Tasmanian devils.  They arrived fromTaronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia this week and are settling into theirnew home.

The animals -- named Bradley, Bixby, De-Vos (males), and Usmar(a female) -- have been brought to the Zoo to increase awareness of thespecies and to inspire support for Tasmanian devil conservation.

The San Diego Zoo is currently the onlyzoo in the U.S. with Tasmanian devils.  They will be on exhibit in the Zoo's Australian Outbackbeginning on Thursday, October 24, after completing a mandatory 30-dayquarantine.

Tasmanian devils are listed as endangeredby the International Union for Conservation of Nature and are native to theisland state of Tasmania, which is part of Australia, where they live inforest, woodland and agricultural areas.

Unlike their cartoon counterparts, Tasmanian devils are nocturnal huntersand use their keen senses of smell and hearing to find prey or carrion. Theycan give off a fierce snarl and high-pitched scream, which can be heard atfeeding time, to establish dominance.  Tasmanian devils face extinction in the wild due to devil facial tumor disease(DFTD), a rare, contagious cancer found only in devils.

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