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Tucson cracks down on stray shopping carts

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Retailers will now pay for the shopping cart that leave their stores and lots.

The Tucson City Council unanimously approved one new ordinance that requires retailers to claim their carts.

The city will pick up and either sell or dispose of stray, unmarked shopping carts. It will notify retailers when it finds their carts on city property, and give them three days to retrieve them.

"The city has rightfully put the beautification of its neighborhoods as its top priority and it's up to all of us as citizens, as business interests and so forth to make that a top priority as well," said Tucson Metro Chamber president and CEO Michael Varney.

If a retailer does not pick up its stray cart, it will be impounded and the retailer will be charged a $30 retrieval fee.  If the cart is not picked up in 30 days, it will be sold or disposed of and the retrieval fee will be added to the retailer's water bill.

"You have a neighborhood that really doesn't care how the cart got there they just don't want it there and so and number of retailers have been very responsive about their responsibilities to recover those cards some unfortunately have not," Varney said.

Money from the fees will go to the city's general fund.

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