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Blimp over Tucson is part of BBC series

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A large blimp is making its home at the Marana Airport for a few days. 

The blimp was seen flying over the Tucson area on Tuesday. 

The See It, Snap It, Send It below was snapped by user elivia.corral.  

According to the BBC a team of British scientists on board the blimp, also known as an airship, will study "insect life, the relationship between life and weather, as well as how hurricanes form."

Their studies are being filmed for a new series with a working title of 'Cloud Lab'. 

In a interview about the show BBC producer James Van Der Pool said "The 100 kilometres (62 miles) or so of air above our heads is all that separates us from space. It's in every breath we take and makes Earth habitable. Yet for all its centrality to the health of the planet there's a lot we still don't know about the atmosphere. For instance, at what altitude does life cease? What type of air is most likely to cause rain? With Cloud Lab we've a rare and exciting opportunity to address some of these questions head on."

The show is scheduled to air next year.  

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