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Tucson man says wife detained unjustly during traffic stop

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Eleazar Castellanos has had his phone right next to him all day, waiting to hear from his wife Rosa Maria Leal. Castellanos says his wife was not in the car that got pulled over Tuesday night that sparked an immigration protest on the South side.

Castellanos says when Border Patrol arrived on scene; agents started asking for proof of identification from people in the area including his wife. Castellanos says he and his wife have lived in the United States illegally since 1996.

Raul Alcaraz-Ochoa with Corazon De Tucson, an immigrant support organization, says traffic stops like the one witnessed Tuesday night near 22nd Street and 10th Avenue in Tucson are all too common.  Alcaraz says people protested because some in the community are fed up, "we're demanding that local police stop calling border patrol on our communities."

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Police Chief Roberto Villasenor said police used pepper spray when officers felt they were being aggressively approached, "The officers did exactly as they were supposed to do. The physical force of the pepper spray was in response to the aggressive nature of the crowd. It wasn't over exuberance on the part of the officers."

As for Castellanos, he hopes to hear his wife's voice again soon, "I've been waiting and I hope she call me soon."

Border Patrol was unable to make a comment because of the government shutdown.

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