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Record snowstorm

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That snowstorm that hit the mountain states and northern plains last week will find a place in the record books in Rapid City.  This storm was extremely early in the season (Oct 3&4) and pack a lot of moisture and extremely cold air. These two combos put the Black Hills of South Dakota in a panic as 4 feet of snow fell in some areas of western South Dakota. As for "major" cities the only one really impacted terribly was Rapid City, SD. This storm dumped over 23 inches in the city making itself a contender as one of the highest producing snowstorms ever for the town.

Here are some stats about Rapid City snow storms:

Max 1 day snow events
20"     4/18/1970
19.2"  4/22/2001
19"    10/4/2013 

Max 3 day snow events
25.6"   4/14/1927
23.1" 10/5/2013*
22.4    4/10/2013*
*Notice two storms made top three this year

Max 1 day snow event-October
19"   10/4/2013
9.9"  10/19/1919
7"     10/20/1906

Max October Snowfall
23.1"  2013*
15.1"   1919
9.5"    1932
*Still can add to this as it is only October 11th

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