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Sabino Canyon visitors can get ticketed when they park outside the recreation area

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TUCSON, AZ (TNN) – Visitors seeking to enjoy the wilderness at Sabino Canyon Recreation Area might find a wild time as they try to park.

The no parking signs line the sides of many parts of Sabino Canyon Road, which are just outside the closed park entrance.  Pima County Sheriff deputies have handed out more than eighty parking tickets this week, which cost $110 apiece. 

The trails are open and people can use them.  But visitors must park in a location that is not marked as no parking.  Some visitors Friday considered the tickets to be rather unfair.  Deputies said that the signs were there before the shut down, and they're in those places for a reason.

"For risk of collisions in the area, it congests the traffic, and there are two schools on the west side of Sabino Canyon Road which also poses a safety hazard for the children being picked up and dropped off," said Pima County Sheriff Deputy Courtney Rodriguez.

"I've got a whole group of people that we coach and we're supposed to do a distance run, but if we can't park out here and we can't go to Saguaro, then we'll find other places to run as best we can," said runner Randy Accetta.

The trails are open.  But there are no services inside the recreation area to keep the trails maintained and there are no bathrooms.  Search and rescue is still responding.

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