Deliberations to resume in Buddhist temple deaths

PHOENIX (AP) - Jurors in the trial of a man charged in the 1991 killings of nine people at a suburban Phoenix Buddhist temple resume deliberations Tuesday.

The panel met Monday but did not reach a verdict in the trial of 39-year-old Johnathan A. Doody.

Jurors were on a break since Oct. 3. That's when deliberations restarted with an alternate juror replacing one who was excused the day before..

The original panel started deliberating Sept. 24.

Doody's trial began Aug. 12.

Doody was 17 when authorities say he participated in the gunning down of six monks, a nun and two helpers during a robbery.

He was convicted in 1993 and sentenced to 281 years in prison.

A federal appeals court overturned Doody's conviction in 2011, ruling he wasn't properly read his rights.

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