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Best spots in Arizona to view fall colors

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Fall in Arizona gives us cooler weather but it also brings out the color Arizona has to offer. The trees in the high country start to turn a brilliant gold, yellow and even some red. But where would you find the best areas in the state to view these colors? Well living in Arizona for years and visiting a lot of areas in the state, I have some spots you may want to check out. 

1. Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona. This is absolutely a beautiful drive all year round but come late October into November you will not be disappointed. Just take highway AZ 89a into Flagstaff from Sedona and be amazed!

2. Snowbowl road on the way to Arizona Snowbowl just outside of Flagstaff. This drive should be done before the end of October. It is a little ways from Tucson, you are looking at a 4.5 hour drive from the city.

3. Take Arizona highway 260 east of Payson, once you hit the rim and climb the 1,000 feet or so, your views are amazing. One of my favorite drives I have ever taken.

4. A drive into Arizona Sunrise Ski Park will not let you down. But this is also a far drive from Tucson, as it is nestled in the White Mountains. About 4 hours from Tucson.

5. A little more local and convenient. Mount Lemmon, it will not offer as much color as the other drives or places but since it is so local and less than an hour away it is worth the time, and it never hurts to spend the weekend up in Summerhaven. The below See It, Snap It, Send It is from Mt Lemmon and was submitted last October. 

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