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Guns for the blind

By Garrett Tenney, Fox News

There's a new second amenment debate out of Iowa that's got many people questioning: What's the cost of personal freedom?

If you can't see where you're shooting, can you still be allowed to carry a gun in public? That's one of the questions surrounding this debate. Many sheriffs in Iowa say it's not safe for anyone and the law needs to be changed. Others say even if that is true, there is no reason to take away someone's second amendment right.

Michael Barber is completely blind, and always has been.

but that didn't stop him from getting a conceal-carry permit to carry his handgun him out in public.

BARBER says: "The second amendment does not say we have the right to bear arms unless we're disabled€¦I should be able to protect my family just like you can, just like anyone else can."

The Hawkeye State has quietly been granting conceal-carry permits to the legally blind for several years.

Many of the state's law enforcement officers say they're very uncomfortable about it, and are concerned about public safety.

DUNBAR says: "If you can't see why should you be arming someone to shoot out in the public ... it's not just the safety of the individual but the safety of the others and the public around them that's what our concern is."

The chairman of Iowa's House Public Safety Committee though says it's not a safety issue, it's a freedom issue.

"They've had the training that's required by our law and they've passed a background check which is required by our law and I can see no evidence that our law needs to be changed," Baudler says.

"Other legislators do want to see changes though previous attempts haven't gained much traction, they are still attempting to make those changes. The next session is in January.

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