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Today's Most: Grandfather wins $200k in stunning bet on grandson

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TODAY'S MOST...rewarding bet on a grandson made by his grandfather: We all know that grandchildren can do no wrong in their grandparents  eyes. A grandfather in Wales is two-hundred thousand dollars richer thanks to his complete confidence in his grandson. Peter Edwards placed a bet with a bookmaker (sports gambling is legal in Wales) when his grandson was just 18 months old, betting that his grandson would one day play for Wales national soccer team. Today, the grandson, 16-year old Harry Wilson, became the youngest player ever to appear for the Wales team. Edwards' bet was for fifty British pounds. The odds the bookmaker gave him were 2500/1. Edwards says he'll use the money to retire. Hopefully he'll give a little to his grandson, who obviously did all the hard work.

TODAY'S MOST...inspirational story of the difference that can be made by one child: Trevor Sims was a child in Louisiana who battled cancer. Instead of asking to go to Disneyworld or get some other special wish, his wish was to make people donate money and food to help feed people who need the help. Sims started "Trevor's Wish" and inspired so many in the city of Baton Rouge. He passed away early on Wednesday, but in the last few months he's helped raise more than $16,000 dollars, and help provide more than eighty thousand meals to people in need. This will be the saddest but most uplifting story you see today.

TODAY'S MOST...interesting example of how big business isn't as charitable as we think: The NFL makes a big deal of supporting breast cancer awareness during this month. Players wear pink on their uniforms, and you see a lot of pink in the stadiums. The league also sells a lot of special pink merchandise that's for charity. But, this article by Business Insider says a shockingly small percentage of the cost of that merchandise goes to fight cancer. With payments to the retailers and the manufacturers and the league, 8.01% of your purchase actually goes towards research on cancer. Very interesting.

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