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Today's Most: Youth coach breaks other coach's jaw during game

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TODAY'S MOST...Un-sportsmanlike behavior by a youth football coach: A little league football coach in Pennsylvania was arrested for beating up the coach of the other team - during a game. Larry Simpson's accused of breaking the jaw of the other coach. The incident started when the referee ejected a few players on Simpson's team for some type of altercation that happened on the field. Then Simpson apparently took his frustration out on the other coach and started beating him up. The kids on the team are 14 and 15 years old. Simpson remains in jail. His alleged victim remains in the hospital as he recovers.

TODAY'S MOST...Depressing number about how we eat lunch: Over 60% of U.S. Workers eat lunch at their desks! A researcher says this hurts our productivity, our health, and most importantly, our happiness. We apparently need at least some time during the day to unplug and recharge, and lunch is a perfect time to do that if we leave our desks. Organizational psychologist Chris Cunningham says each person needs a different amount of time to recharge, so it's a good idea to tinker with how long you take away from your desk for lunch, where you go, etc... to find the perfect outlet. If only our bosses would let us take the rest of the day off after lunch...

TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous excuse by a motorcycle rider caught going 140 miles an hour: A biker in Illinois claimed he had to go to the bathroom. That was Adam Lester's excuse when a police officer caught up to him after radar clocked him going 140 MPH. Lester's excuse might have been more believable if he hadn't tried to hide when the police officer caught up to him by switching jackets with the girl who was on the bike with him. Lester has also been caught speeding three other times in the last month.

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