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Fine issued for loud barking


Dog barking means shelling out some big bucks for some League City, Texas residents.

If your dog has a big bark, then League City has a big bite, a $207 ticket as one resident found out, for what Animal Control calls excessive barking.

Myrna Sanders loves her three dogs, but Animal Control in League City says they are breaking the law, by barking too loud.

League City Animal Control officers decide, when arriving on scene, if there is excessive barking.  They also advise owners on ways to keep dogs quieter.

City officials say Myrna had already been granted deferred adjudication for the same violation last year.

The potential of receiving another citation pushed Sanders' husband to purchase three shock collars, while she consults with an attorney as she prepares for her pending court date.

Sanders will go before judge on Oct. 23 and plans to plead not guilty.

If the judge does not agree, 207 dollars will be due before she leaves the League City court house.

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