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4 arrested after scamming all Ohio casinos

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A roulette scam ring has been busted after the group hit all of Ohio's casinos, including Hollywood Casino in Toledo.

Hollywood Casino was just one of many scammed out of thousands of dollars. Four men have been arrested so far, but according to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, there could be more.

"In talking to some other states and some of the information that we understand is that this group could be as large as 50 or 60 people," said Director of Enforcement Karen Huey.

Ohio is one of 18 states falling victim to the roulette scam. Huey says it involves a team of players. One player performs the scam – he or she buys $1 chips, then while the other players on the team join the table and distract the dealer, the original player pockets the chips.

He or she then meets up with player number two and hands the chips over. Player two heads back to the table, buys in at a much higher amount with the same color chips and ends up putting the lower-value chips back into play.

The scam turns $1 into $25 and costs the casino and the state money.

The group hit Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati, where they were eventually caught.

"The gaming agency in the Cincinnati office recognized some suspicious behavior on the floor, and they recognized that behavior very quickly and acted swiftly," explained Will Lucas, a local gaming commissioner representative. "They made the arrest on the floor."

Huey says this crime ring has been working this scam for a long time, creating fast and experience scammers.

The four men arrested will appear in court for sentencing next month.

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