Local groups talk gun control during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Local groups talk gun control during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Another push for stronger gun control. But this time the focus is on women and domestic violence. It's part of a nationwide movement for "Domestic Violence Awareness" month.

The number nine could be seen everywhere in the room. It serves as a message, nine women are killed each week in the U.S. because of domestic violence involving a gun.

"Millions of women are victims, I am a domestic violence victim," Jocelyn Strauss, regional manager of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said.

On Saturday organizers from "Moms Demand Action," political leaders and local residents filled the Midtown City Council Chamber all united for stronger gun control. Congressman Ron Barber talked about the loopholes in background checks.

"He or she could still buy one at a gun show, at a flea market, on the internet because no background checks are required," Barber said.

Gun rights advocate Tom Rompel argues there are already too many gun laws on the books.

"If someone's [intent] on killing somebody they'll find a way to do it. When they get emotionally charged about something and they act out, in a violent manner toward their spouse, there's no law that's going to stop them," Rompel said.

Instead, Rompel thinks more women need to be trained on how to protect themselves. Tucson Police say they get an average of nine thousand domestic violence calls a year and about 70 of those involve a gun. It's a problem Congressman Barber says he will fight to change.

"We're going to keep fighting and we're going to keep fighting along with the Moms Demand Action and all of the other people in our country who believe this has to change," Barber said.

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