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Today's Most: Man dressed as Joker arrested after Halloween party

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TODAY'S MOST...Hysterical mugshot: This is only funny because nobody got hurt, but a man from Maine was in full costume, including face paint and hair dye, when he was arrested for drunk driving. Dennis Lalime was dressed as The Joker from Batman. He apparently lost control of his car and hit a bunch of trees. When police arrived, he was cooperative with officers and said he'd been at a Halloween party.

TODAY'S MOST...Hardcore siblings who both suffered broken noses in the same weekend: The picture says it all. Addison Straub and his sister Jess are both college soccer players. Neither had ever suffered broken noses in their career. Both busted their noses this weekend. Addison broke his on Saturday, Jess on Sunday. The sibling's games were a half-hour away from each other, so both ended up going to the same hospital.

TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable result of a man who went sleepwalking: One of these stories you feel only happens in China. A man got stuck in a crevice for two days. Hundreds of rescue workers had to come in to rescue the man. Turns out, the man says he thinks he got stuck in the crevice when he was sleepwalking. He claims he's not sure, but he's had problems with sleepwalking in the past. He lives in a mountain community, and may have just walked off of a cliff while sleeping.

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