Another indirect left turn for Tucson drivers starts today

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A change for commuters this morning, there will be a new way of getting from Grant to Oracle – by way of an indirect left turn.

The old way of doing things, drivers would wait at the light at Grant and Oracle, then turn at the light; the new way of turning with the indirect left turn – drivers go past the intersection, go to another light, wait for the signal, then make a U-turn, which will bring the driver to a right turn onto Oracle.

This is the second indirect left turn in the Tucson area, the first being at Ina and Oracle, which opened several weeks ago.  According to the RTA, the indirect left turn reduces the time vehicles are stopped at an intersection by 42 percent. The RTA also stated indirect left turns reduce total crashes at intersections by 16 percent and injury crashes by 30 percent.

For the first two weeks Tucson Police will be handing out warnings to drivers who make an illegal left turn.

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