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Gang violence making Tucson streets more dangerous?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

With three gang-related murders already this month, is Tucson seeing a resurgence in gang-related violence? Police don't necessarily think so, but word on the street certainly suggests another story.

Where ever you are in Southern Arizona, you're probably going to see signs of street gangs.

In most cases it's just basic graffiti done at the hand of wannabe thugs or disgruntled youth.

But in some cases what you're seeing is very real.

Urban evidence of turf wars, rival colors and street violence.

Three gang-related murders so far this October offer a perfect case in point.

"It's scary...and I know there's gangs everywhere so," says one Tucson mother, who asked to remain nameless.

Gangs are definitely there, but do they really create that many problems in our community?

Tucson Police officials say gang-related homicides are actually down this year.

"So to see two back to back may look like a spike, but it's really not, it's really not," TPD Sgt. Chris Widmer said.

But other problems do exist.

From the inner city to the school yard -- quite literally on a daily basis.

"I mean we do have our gang problems," Widmer said.  "Outside of homicides we still have aggravated assaults that we investigate, regular assaults that we investigate, so it's still a problem."

Especially when three local people died from gang far this month. 

The first happening October 7th when an argument turned into gunfire in the 1200 block of West Ontario.

One arrest has been made in the murder of Roger Catalan, but at least one suspect is still outstanding.

Then on October 16th another gang-related shooting in the 2500 block of North Fontana.

28 year old Brandon Luster died as a result of his injuries that night.

While police have some solid leads, there's still no arrest in the case.

Finally, just today...31-year-old Jujuan Gordon was taken off life support after being shot at a bus stop on October 18th in the 6700 block of East Golf Links.

Police say Gordon was approached and attacked by an unknown group of males as he sat alone on a bus bench.  Police say at least one person involved in the shooting had known gang affiliations.

"You really can't hide from the gangs, but all you can do is just try to keep your family safe..and that's all I'm trying to do," says one local mother who asked to remain anonymous.  "Things like this are just so sad, so senseless."

If you have any information about any of Tucson's recent gang-related shootings, call 911 or 88-CRIME, the Pima County Attorney's anonymous tip line.

A reward up to $1,000  will go to the person whose tip leads to an arrest in each case.

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