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Police on lookout at new indirect left turn

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The city of Tucson's first indirect left turn is up and running at Grant Road and Oracle.

Drivers can no longer turn left off Grant onto Oracle.

They'll have to pass through the intersection on Grant, make a U-turn, then come back to make a right on Oracle.

Tucson police say they will pull over drivers who make an illegal left.

Officers say they'll write warnings for a week, possibly two.

They will ticket illegal left turners after that.

There still is some construction left to be done.

For instance, there'll be more striping.  The safe areas for bicyclists have not be painted on the pavement yet.

The city expects to build six more indirect left turn intersections on Grant, all the way to Swan Road.

There is another indirect left turn in the Tucson area.  It's at Ina Road and Oracle.

Indirect lefts can be confusing at first.

Signs direct drivers what to do.

Some signs at Grant and Oracle might be a bit confusing.

Click the attached demonstration animations on how to make the indirect left turn.

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