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One of two killers from 1996 murder spree is executed

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

For the friends and family of the six murder victims of Robert Jones, they expected more from him, at least for him to look at them.

"I wish that he did say something to us.  The one thing that I want to know is why.  Why did you do this?" said Carson Noel, son of victim Lynn Noel.

She and five others were killed in a 1996 murder spree by Robert Jones and Scott Nordstrom.  The only reason seemed to be for money.  They stole cash at both the Moon Smoke Shop and Firefighter Union Hall.

"The justice system, in my opinion, needs to speed it up.  17 years is way too long to wait," said Chris Bell, son of Arthur and Judy Bell who were killed at the Firefighter Union Hall.

Jones and Scott Nordstrom broke into the Moon Smoke Shop on May 30th, 1996.  They killed Chip O'Dell and Hardman, stole money, and fled the shop with the help of David Nordstrom.  Two weeks later, on June 13th, 1996, Jones and Scott Nordstrom broke into the Firefighter Union Hall and killed the Bells and Noel, as well as Maribel Munn.  They fled once again with cash.

Later that summer Jones killed Dick Roels in the Phoenix area and once again was found with Roels' possessions.  He later pleaded guilty to that murder and received a life sentence.

Victims' friends and family had to sit through a 40-minute preparation process Wednesday to find veins in Jones' arms and thigh.  He even joked at one point that he would do it himself.  Once everything was set, Jones' last words were "love and respect my friends and family, and hope my friends are never here."

"He was completely unremorseful, which really shows his character as a cowardly man.  So, with that being said, it was a great day for our family.  This does bring some closure, part one of two.  So, we're looking forward to Scott," said Clint Hardman, son of victim Thomas Hardman.

Robin McMurray and Ryanne Costello, daughters of Dick Roels, were also at the execution.  While the execution was for the Tucson murders, they said that the execution gave them closure.

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