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Talking about workplace bullying

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The conversations about school bullying are very common. Bullying in the workplace is an issue, but it's never brought up at the water cooler.

A group gathered at Pima Community College downtown at Stone and Speedway to talk about workplace bullying. It was the first time this type of group has  met on the issue. The conversation is part of the Fund For Civility, Respect and Understanding.

The goal here was to figure out what workplace bullying is and find solutions to stop it. Counselors, medical professionals, employees and employers were all part of the conversation.

According to the counselors in the group, 80 percent of workplace bullying occurs with mangers and bosses.

The group came up with several options that can start the conversation about workplace bullying. They felt there were two key things employers should have.

One, is training for new and current employees that workplace bullying will not be tolerated. The second is each employer should have a solid workplace bullying policy.

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