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Hundreds of Tucsonans volunteer for "National Make A Difference Day"

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As part of a nationwide effort hundreds of Tucsonans gave back Saturday. It is "National Make A Difference Day" and people took part in community service across Southern Arizona.

On a day where community service is happening everywhere, volunteers from HoneyWell and Rebuilding Together sanded cabinets and painted walls.

"The point is to always help out those in need," said Lupe Gruver, a volunteer.

They're flipping a house near I-19 and Irvington, donated by Chase Bank, to sell at a low price.

"We completely bring them back up to date so they can live in safety, dignity and decency like the rest of us," said Kyrin Alves, Rebuilding Together Tucson.

Just a few miles away, veterans and their spouses got a free baby shower.

"It's really nice to know the community cares for their veterans and it's nice to know that we have someone to count on," said Christina Boogren, a recipient of the baby shower.

TEP gave away car seats, diapers and blankets to 20 families. They played games, gave away prizes and cut a cake for the special occasion.

Deborah Brookshire, Tucson Electric Power, said, "Many of them as you can see are young people on a very limited budget, they may have other children and so it helps them because they don't have to take on that expense."

Even children took part in National Make A Difference Day by cleaning up their schools. At Sierra Middle School on the southside, 60 students and their parents picked up trash,  brushed the sidewalks and decorated the front of the their school.

"It helps with the image of the neighborhood as well as building character among the volunteers," said Ava Bemer, a teacher at Sierra Middle School.

It's all about making a difference and inspiring other. Even though this day falls once a year, organizers hope families will take part in community service all year round.

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