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Tucson animal shelter still encountering large number of cat intake

PAWsitively, a Tucson cat adoption center, says they continue to see a high number of kittens needing to be rescued even though this is the time of the year the number of feral cat births tend to drop.

On Sunday, the adoption center opened its doors to the public in order to allow people to learn about the issue. Right now, the no-kill animal shelter cares for about 250 cats. About 90 of those cats are available for adoption. The center says they need more people to adopt the cats.

PAWsitively Executive Director, Sheryl Campbell, says you can also help address the problem by being proactive, "...everybody knows somebody with a cat showing up in their backyard. And the best thing to do for them is to spay them and neuter them and then put them back out into the environment, they will live out their natural lives. Somebody's feeding them. They're finding food and water somewhere."

According to the organization, only 51 percent of the animals sent to the Pima County Animal Care Center make it out alive.

For more information about adopting a cat from the center, visit their web site: http://pawsitivelycats.org/

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