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Database to help protect against stolen smart phones

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

How is the cell phone industry dealing with stolen smart phones, one step will be implemented by the end of November. 

Wireless providers should have voluntarily implemented databases to prevent the reactivation of stolen smart phones; this is all through an industry-wide effort by CTIA – the wireless association, the Federal Communications Commission and major city police chiefs.

In April 2012, the announcement was made that this database would be created and now it is weeks away from being implemented.

How will the database work?  Smart phones will be given ID numbers for wireless companies to track, if reported stolen they will not work on any U.S. network.

Here are a few steps to avoid having a smart phone stolen:

One – Be aware of surroundings

Two – Never leave a phone unattended in a public place

Three – Write down the make, model number and serial number

Four – Review the warranty

Five – Report a phone theft immediately to provider and the police

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