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Today's Most: Google building a mystery building in the water

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TODAY'S MOST...Mysterious structure Google's building on a barge: What's Google up to? Nobody seems to know exactly. The company's building something on a barge that's attached to a pier in San Francisco. The entire thing is covered in black, so you can't see inside. Google won't comment. Is it a floating building that will one day become a Google store? Will it become a floating data center? Will it eventually be moved on land? Some in San Francisco think it might become a store to sell Google Glass when it goes on sale next year. Google had a meeting with officials in SF who need to give permits for things that are in the water for a long time, and the regulators say they're still not sure what the company's doing. Inquiring minds want to know! 

TODAY'S MOST...Lucky store clerk thanks to his cell phone that stopped a bullet: A clerk was saved from significant injury, maybe even death, thanks to his cell phone. A suspect came into a store in Orlando, and got upset because the clerk couldn't open the safe. Before he left, the suspect fired a shot. The clerk suffered a minor injury, but didn't realize until he was talking to police that his cell phone basically stopped the bullet. 

TODAY'S MOST...Wonderful reunion of former vet buddies who hadn't seen each other since WWII: Two men just became friends again in Arizona. John Farnam and Tom Edwards became buddies during Marine boot camp 62 years ago. They lost touch during the war, but happened to meet again at a dinner. One lives in Phoenix, the other in Mesa. Both are doctors, and both married women named Dottie. Bizarre and fantastic.

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