U of A investigating allegations of star's drugging at frat party

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the movie 'Bad Grandpa' starring Johnny Knoxville tops the box office, officials at the University of Arizona are looking into whether Knoxville was allegedly drugged with ecstasy at a frat party in September.

Here at SAE is where U of A officials say the party happened.

Knoxville was filming a promo for his new movie 'Bad Grandpa'.  In early October he spoke with celebrity news outlet TMZ and Jimmy Kimmel Live about the incident.  Knoxville did not seem too upset about it – referring to it as both 'awesome' and 'great'.

UA officials first began investigating the event after photos of alcohol at the fraternity house surfaced through media outlets.

Tucson News Now spoke with Chrissy Lieberman Associate Dean of Students who says the case is a challenging one.  The drugging incident is a new allegation.  Liberman says U of A does not have a direct report from Knoxville.  All information was discovered through interviews in the media.

Lieberman adds that getting more information is crucial.

The Greek Standards Board is investigating and working with the fraternity to gather more details.  Tucson News Now reached out to the fraternity for comment, but did not receive a response.

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