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Today's Most: Town stuck in darkness uses mirrors to bring sunlight

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TODAY'S MOST...Amazing sunlight: People who live in one town in Norway basically don't see the sun for six months a year. The town's in a valley between two mountains, and it just doesn't get sunlight. So, the town installed mirrors on top of one of the mountains, and the mirror reflects sunlight down into the town. There are three mirrors, each is 183 square-feet. The idea to illuminate the town actually was born 100 years ago, but it just became reality on Wednesday. Could you imagine living with no sunlight?

TODAY'S MOST....Heroic act by a bus driver saving a woman's life: Darnell Barton was driving his bus over a bridge in Buffalo, when he saw a woman who was perched on the wrong side of the guardrail. His bus was full of passengers, but he stopped, went out, and convinced the woman not to jump off. Barton said, "it was meant to be. I was supposed to be there for her at that moment and I was." The video is so scary, because you see how the rest of life is continuing while this woman is on the bridge - cars and bicyclists going by. It's a good think Barton was the one driving the bus. 

TODAY'S MOST...Rich person in Arizona: Do you know who Bruce Halle Sr. Is? A new list just came out, and Halle has the title of the richest person in Arizona. He's the chairman of Discount Tire, and worth $4.4 billion. The list has the richest person in every state. Washington state's richest is Bill Gates, and he's the richest of all, worth over $70 billion. Wyoming's richest is the poorest, so to speak. Bio-tech company boss John Martin's only worth $300 million.


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