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Today's Most: No Joke, Captain Kirk in charge of Navy's newest warship

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TODAY'S MOST...Amazing job for Captain Kirk since the USS Enterprise: America's latest and greatest warship just launched, and the man in charge is Captain James Kirk. Seriously. Unlike Star Trek's James T. Kirk, this man is James A Kirk. He's captaining the USS Zumwalt, which is the Navy's newest and most stealth destroyer. The ship has brand new weapons, a new shape, and a new power system. Now if only it could reach warp speed and go fight the klingons.

TODAY'S MOST...Depressing story for people in TV/Journalists: A story came out today - which lists the professions most likely and least likely to employ psychopaths. (keep in mind, psychopaths don't necessarily need to be the ones we think about on Halloween, they're just anti-social in some ways and have no empathy or remorse.) Regardless, TV/Media and Journalism both rank in the top 10. CEO is number on the list. Clergypeople come in at number 9. As for professions the least likely to attract a psychopath, care aid, nurse, and therapist are the top 3. Check the list to see if you are likely/not likely to know any psychopaths.

TODAY'S MOST...Lucky Man who became a 2-time lottery winner: Don't get jealous, but the same man won his second multi-million dollar lottery jackpot. He bought the tickets at the same store in Orlando. James Bozeman won $10 million dollars last year in Florida's Lottery, and just stepped forward to announce he won a $3 million prize this time around.


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