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Operation Safe Treat: Checking on local sex offenders

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Authorities split up in teams of ten, fanning out throughout the community.

The mission: Operation Safe Treat, but in this case, it's no treat when it comes to sex offenders.

"With the amount of kids out and about, we want to show those that are prone to committing these types of crimes that we are out and about," U.S. Marshals Spokesman Daniel Leyva said.

Most of the homes we visited were dark, some even hard to get into. Authorities said most of these sex offenders just want to be left alone.

On Halloween, by law, registered sex offenders are not allowed to participate in trick or treat activities.

"No lights. Nothing that would entice anyone to believe they were going to be receiving candy at that residence."

At a halfway house where more than a half dozen sex offenders live, one convicted child molester agreed to talk to us.

"I molested my stepdaughter," he said. "[My] 9-year-old stepdaughter."

He accidentally answered the door when authorities knocked and got a stern warning from his probation officer.

"You wouldn't want kids to be at your door answering your door."

We asked him what it was like to live with these strict restrictions. He has already served more than ten years in jail for the crime and is now still bound by rules and regulations.

"I don't think anyone that committed the type of crime I did- the heinousness of the crime I did really has any reason to be around children. At this point, I am not comfortable around adult females and children.  I don't even want to deal with it."

"In order for individuals in society to be more comfortable- better to keep me away."

Authorities checked up on more than 75 sex offenders tonight. One was arrested for having pornography on his phone.

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