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Downtown 'haunted' hotel tour attracts many

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Families across Southern Arizona celebrated Halloween in different ways: some went trick or treating while others got chills and thrills in a well-known Tucson haunted hotel.

The streets in downtown filled up quickly with ghosts and goblins ready to party.

At Hotel Congress, folks got a tour of a hotel room where they said ghosts really do exist year-round.

Take a look at room 242; it's one of two hotel rooms that's supposedly haunted.

We caught up with a group taking a tour. A woman apparently shot herself in the closet years ago. Since then, guests have reported feeling a weird sense and even seeing a woman and a man roaming the hallways once in a while.

"it felt really weird in the room, like someone was watching us [and] standing over your bed while you sleep."

Meanwhile, other  families took their kids, dressed like queens and witches, door to door trick or treating.

It was a fun filled night for the Martinez family.

"Out here with all of our friends, we're trick or treating [and] taking all of our kids out there; to enjoy the great night tonight and also celebrate Boston winning tonight, so that's why I got my beard."

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