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Today's Most: Fan injured by hot dog sues major league baseball team

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TODAY'S MOST...Interesting lawsuit filed by a man injured by a hot dog at a baseball game: A man in Kansas City filed a lawsuit against the Kansas City Royals because he was hit by a hotdog thrown by the Royals' mascot, Sluggerrr. The hot dog hit John Coomer in the eye and tore his retina. As a result, Coomer says he's had to have two surgeries. There is a "baseball rule", which basically says you can't sue if you get hit with a foul ball or a bat because those are the risks of going to a game. But now the Missouri Supreme Court will decide if this case falls under that rule, or if Coomer deserves to receive damages.

TODAY'S MOST...Amazing case of a woman flying to the wrong continent because of one letter in the alphabet: A British grandmother wanted to fly to Granada, Spain. She bought the ticket on the phone. The company issued her a ticket to Grenada, which is in the Caribbean. She didn't realize she was heading to the wrong place until she started talking to a woman on the flight and said she was excited to see the historic Spanish city. The woman replied, "not on this plane you won't." Once the airline realized the mistake, it arranged for the woman to go to Spain after all.

TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable picture of a person eating cereal why driving a car through traffic: A bicyclist had a helmet cam on as he was riding through the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. A car zips by him on the right, going about 35 miles an hour, and if you freeze the video, you see that the man inside the car was eating a bowl of cereal. That has to be illegal, right? The pictures and the video are attached.


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