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Some airport baggage scales faulty

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Before the holiday travel season takes off, the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures inspected the baggage scales at both Tucson International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  At TIA, regulators found Southwest to have a scale that tipped in the passenger's favor, United had a scale that read zero with no weight on it, and Delta had four scales that tipped in the airline's favor.  The department said that one of the scales had wood wedged underneath it.

"They weren't twisting their mustache, thinking, 'wow, this is a good way to get over on somebody.' I think what they were doing is, something may have been wrong with the stability of the scale and I think by putting the boards in there instead of calling somebody out and having them fix it," said Arizona Department of Weights and Measures spokesman Shawn Marquez.

A scale at home can give a rough idea if your bag is overweight.  Ask to see the display the entire time that the bag is weighed at the ticket counter and make sure that the scale reads zero when nothing is on it.  If you have doubts, ask for the bag to be weighed on another scale.  Bring a second bag to transfer some items if necessary.  Checking a second bag can be less expensive than paying an overweight fee.

You can report problems to Arizona Department of Weights and Measures at  or call (602) 771-4920.

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