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Today's Most: Husband uses stun gun on wife after she loses bet

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TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous bet between a husband and wife: John Grant and his wife made a bet over a football game. Grant won the bet, so he used a stun gun on his wife three times. She called police. Initially she denied the two had made a bet, and then said she never thought he'd actually go through with using the stun gun. Here's the background of the bet: Grant is a Chicago Bears fan, his wife is a Green Bay Packers fan. The Bears beat the Packers Monday night, so Grant "won" the bet. Grant was charged with use of an electric weapon, he also did not have a permit to have the gun in Wisconsin.

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre stolen item offered on Craigslist: Have you ever seen a person dressed up as a cow at a Chick Fil A store? Well, a man stole two of those costumes from different stores and then tried to sell the costumes on Craigslist. Each costume is seven feet tall, and is worth about $2,800. A police officer saw the ads on online, and acted as an interested buyer who wanted to buy the costumes for Halloween. The two met, and the arrest was made as soon as the officer saw the costumes. The suspect is now in jail on $275,000 bond.

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting firing of a youth football coach because of where he had a team party: A middle school football coach in Oregon decided to have his team's awards banquet at a local Hooters. A few parents complained, and the school's athletic director asked the coach to move the dinner to a different place. He wouldn't, so he was fired. Now, the coach says he's still going to have the banquet at Hooters without the support of the school district. According to KGW, he said, "not allowing myself to be bullied by a vocal minority is the war I want to win...You stand up for what you believe in. I believe this is the proper venue."

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