Jaguar, South American tapir born at Arizona zoo

Jaguar and tapir born at zoo (Source: World Wildlife Zoo)
Jaguar and tapir born at zoo (Source: World Wildlife Zoo)

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. (AP) - Two threatened animal species have been born at a zoo in Litchfield Park, west of Phoenix.

Officials at the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium say a baby jaguar and a newborn South American tapir now can be seen inside its animal nursery.

Jaguars are the largest feline in the Western Hemisphere, but are threatened by increasing conflicts with humans over space and resources.

The tapir is a distant relative to the horse and rhinoceros with an odd number of toes on its rear feet. It's threatened by poaching and habitat loss in the Amazon rain forest.

The Wildlife World Zoo has more than 600 species of animals.

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