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Today's Most: VP Biden congratulates wrong guy after election

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TODAY'S MOST...Fantastic congratulatory phone call from the VP to the wrong guy: Vice President Joe Biden is known for saying the wrong thing from time to time. This time, he said the right thing to the wrong guy. Biden called to congratulate new Boston mayor Marty Walsh and said, "You son of a gun, you did it!" Only problem, Biden actually called a man named Marty Walsh used to work for Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, not the new mayor. The "wrong" Walsh said the Vice President was a good sport about it. Biden then called the new mayor Marty Walsh and left a voicemail.

TODAY'S MOST...Wonderful political election result: It might be hard to believe, but it's true. There was a very cordial election in Maine, where a wife defeated her husband. Democrat Jennifer Johnson beat Republican David Johnson in a ward council race in Waterville. The two said they got into the race to encourage people to get out to vote. They also wanted to show that Democrats and Republicans can get along. Jennifer said it didn't matter to the couple which one of them won.

TODAY'S MOST...interesting way churches are trying to attract new followers: With beer. This interesting article talks about how some churches are brewing their own beer, and others offering different craft beers during church functions. The goal is to make younger people more comfortable and more willing to come to church. There's one place in Texas even called Church-in-a-pub - where a Lutheran Church sponsors a church night at a bar. Churchgoers participate in a full service while sipping beers.

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