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Today's Most: Fake traffic alert blames "women drivers, Obamacare"

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TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable fake alert sent about by state D.O.T.: The North Carolina Department of Transportation sent out an alert that a crash had closed an exit ramp to a highway. The alert said people should look out for "women drivers, rain, Obamacare." Turns out, a contractor sent out what was only supposed to be an internal test alert - but didn't turn off the function that sent the alert out to everyone. The NC DOT says that contractor has been fired. For the record, the accident the alert referred to never happened, and it was sunny out at the time.

TODAY'S MOST...Obnoxious restaurant owners: Two restaurants in Paris apparently seat their best-looking customers near the windows so others can see them, and put less good-looking customers in bad seats. Those are the allegations made by two hostesses who used to two of the city's most upscale restaurants. The hostesses said they were instructed to seat people at particular tables strictly according to their appearance. The hostesses say a similar situation exists for employees - women must be 5'7'' in order to be considered for a job.


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