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Today's Most: Traffic cop dances while she works

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TODAY'S MOST...Fantastic dancing traffic cop that will make you happy as you get ready for the weekend: You have to watch this video: A 61-year old woman named Mentoria Hutchinson dances while she directs traffic in New York City. She says the reason she dances is simple, "I've never seen anyone dance and be mad." She's also able to get the attention of drivers better because they can't help but look at her. I'm very familiar with the area in NYC where she directs traffic, it's a horrendously busy intersection. So if she can dance and smile while thousands of cars honk incessantly, that's fantastic. The story will definitely make you smile.

TODAY'S MOST...Potentially out of work patrol dog because the department won't pay for surgery: A woman says the Washington DC police department will not pay for surgery for one of its patrol dogs. The dog's named Blu, and his partner is Steve Morrison. Steve's wife Christine says the dog needs almost seven thousand dollars worth of dental surgery, and the department's not willing to pay. The dog has root canals from biting down on metal as part of his job. Rather than pay for the surgery, the department's simply going to retire the dog and not replace him. Christine's started a facebook page to try to raise money for the dog's surgery.

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