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Police investigate 'banging and screaming,' actually couple putting together furniture

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TODAY'S MOST...Obvious example of the downsides of DIY when it comes to putting together furniture: Police were called to a house by a neighbor who said she heard "screaming and banging." Was the couple fighting? No. Any violence? No. Turns out, they were upset because they were having no luck trying to put together furniture from IKEA. This happened in Sweden, which is IKEA's home base. The screaming was actually from the couple's 1-year old baby, who woke up because the pieces of furniture kept falling on the floor.

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting video of a child rescued who's neck was caught between iron bar: The video shows it all - a 3-year old girl in China somehow slipped on a grate, so that her neck was stuck between 2 iron bars, and the rest of her body was hanging underneath. Rescue crews had to use special equipment, but ultimately were able to free her. She didn't suffer any major injuries.

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