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Today's Most: Man impersonates police officer to get discount at Dunkin Donuts

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous man impersonating a police officer to get discounts at Dunkin Donuts: 48-year old Charles Barry is accused of routinely going to a Dunkin Donuts in Florida and requesting a discount because he was a law enforcement officer. At times he said he was a U.S. Marshall, other times he said he was with the local sheriff's department. Sometimes he flashed a badge. One time he even showed a gun. However, at no time did he ever actually work for any law enforcement agency. After Dunkin Donuts told the local sheriff about the situation, they set up surveillance cameras and filmed Barry the next time he tried to get the discount (you can see the surveillance video.) Then they pulled him over. Turns out, he used a badge that had once belonged to his father. It's amazing what some people try to get away with.

TODAY'S MOST...Disgusting fact about 50 Shades of Grey books: Just for fun, two professors decided to run toxicology tests on the 10 books taken out most frequently from the local library. This happened in Belgium. Turns out, two copies of "50 Shades of Grey" tested positive for the herpes virus. But, the levels of the virus are so low they would not affect anyone who took the book out of the library and read it. For what it's work, some of the other books also tested positive for cocaine. 

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