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Today's Most: High school coach arrested for vandalizing his own school

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TODAY'S MOST...Insane coach arrested for a crime against his own school: I've certainly never heard anything like this. An assistant high school football coach in Tennessee was arrested for allegedly vandalizing his own school. Michael Schmitt allegedly spray painted and defaced the school's field house before it's annual showdown against a rival school. The sheriff's department thinks Schmitt did this to try to inspire his players. It didn't work. They lost the game. The investigation continues - the sheriff's department's trying to figure out if any other coaches knew what Schmitt was doing.

TODAY'S MOST...Better-late-than-never apology: A newspaper in Pennsylvania wrote an editorial apologizing for something that happened 150 years ago. The paper initially gave President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address a bad review, and at the time wrote that one of the most famous speeches in American History consisted of "silly remarks." Now, in an editorial, the paper said it was sorry and that time has shown how great the speech was. The paper said that partisanship and possibly "strong drink" could have been to blame for its mistake.

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