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Man arrested for allegedly making, possessing bombs

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

New details were released in the case of a man arrested for making and possessing bombs.

Police are calling them improvised explosive devices, which police say had the potential to cause a lot of harm.

Luckily in this case, nobody was hurt. These types of home made bombs are becoming more common. Anybody with a computer can make them at home.

Local firefighters said they've already seen a few of them and cause a lot of damage in our community.

Court documents state Scott Johnson was making these improvised explosives so he could sell them.

These devices had the potential to be very dangerous. The local bomb squad and medics have seen what damage they can cause to things like mailboxes.

The devices may look harmless, but if they can destroy a mailbox, imagine the harm they could cause to someone who came across one.

Court documents state the devices Johnson was creating were made out of shot gun shells, duct tape, gun powder, BBs and matches.

The devices were found on Silverlake Road, right outside the Silverbell Inn earlier this week. The bomb squad determined they were improvised explosive devices.

Medics say these can be deadly. They are full of shrapnel that can cause a lot of harm to anyone who comes across one.

"You're losing your fingers, you're losing your hands and you're losing your eyesight," said Capt. Adam Goldberg with the Northwest Fire District. "Obviously those are the three areas of concern that are a priority. Because people are handling them, their hands are in close proximity to it and the shrapnel, and if there's enough pressure it can travel pretty good distances."

Police said Johnson admitted to making the IEDs inside the motel room where he was staying.

Police have x-rayed the devices and moved them to a safe location.

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