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Stay Classy: Communications school being named for Ron Burgundy...for a day

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© Emerson College © Emerson College
© Emerson College © Emerson College
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TODAY'S MOST...Classy communications school: Ron Burgandy is getting his name put on one of the leading journalism schools in the country...for a day. Emerson College in Boston will rename its school the "Ron Burgundy School of Communication" on December 4th. Yes, it's all actually a publicity stunt. Will Ferrell will spend the day at the school in full Ron Burgandy character. There will be an official "naming," and a screening of Anchorman 2 in the evening. The dean of the school says this "compels us to honor the Ron Burgundy that's inside all of us, to live out our dreams in full color and matching polyester."

TODAY'S MOST...Scientific excuse for why men have big noses: A new study came out that says men have bigger noses than women because they have more muscle, and therefore need bigger noses to breath in more oxygen. The study points out that when you look at young kids, there's no real difference in size between noses for girls and boys. But once puberty hits, and boys/men typically grow bigger than girls/women, that's when the noses start to get bigger as well. The study doesn't say why some men's noses are bigger than others.

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