Local artist raising funds for Make-a-Wish with his paintings

Dominic Escamilla (Source: YouTube)
Dominic Escamilla (Source: YouTube)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Alocal artist is using his canvas to paint brighter futures for kids withserious illnesses.  Right now more than 60 kids in our area are on awaiting list for the Make-A-Wish program.

Kidslike 16-year-old Sabina Sendek knows just how important it is to get a wishgranted.  She has a heart condition that has required multiple surgeries throughoutthe years.

"Iwas born with congenital heart defects, and I've had three open heartsurgeries. I'm having another one in about two weeks," says Sendek.

Herdream was to attend the Country Music Awards, and Make-A-Wish made ithappen.  Sendek was looking forward to seeing singer Taylor Swift.

"Hermusic is really good.  I like her music a lot.  She seems to bereally personable."

Storieslike Sendek's are the reason artist Dominic Escamilla is fundraising forMake-A-Wish.  He says he can't imagine learning his child is sick.

"You'relife is going along, you have your ups and downs, and all of a sudden you getthis news," says Escamilla.

Onesleepless night he began painting.  He videotaped every brushstroke.  Escamilla has been circulating the video on social media, urgingpeople to donate to Make-A-Wish for a chance to win his art.

Adonation of five dollars will get you one ticket.  The big raffle willtake place December 7.

Escamillasays kids in our area need your help.  Right now only five-percent ofMake-A-Wish funding comes from efforts in Southern Arizona.

"Inmy opinion, we're not taking care of our own sick kids, and I want to changethat."

Sendekknows how an experience of a lifetime can make all the difference.  She says she'll never forget that one night of country star glamour.

"Itfeels like they're singing to you because you feel like you know everythingabout them and all their songs.  And you're singing with them so it'sreally cool."

Toview Escamilla's video you can visit his YouTube site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cyqVM1Apfc

Tomake a donation on his Make-A-Wish fundraising site, go here http://friends.wish.org/001-000/page/Dominic-Escamilla/Original-Work-Raffle.htm

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