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Today's Most: $48 million of cocaine washes up on a beach

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TODAY'S MOST...Strange thing to wash up on shore: Fish, whales, a message in a bottle? No. $48 million dollars worth of cocaine just washed up on a beach in Japan. The drugs were in backpacks that were all tied together, and an elderly man walking on the beach made the discovery. All told, there were 175 pounds of the drugs. The bags had backpacks had a buoy attached and some markers, so authorities think some drug smugglers might have planed to pick the drugs back up from the water. 

TODAY'S MOST...Lucky lottery ticket that won't be so lucky after midnight: There's a winning $16.666 million dollar powerball ticket in Florida that's still unclaimed. And if the winner doesn't come forward by midnight on Thursday, the ticket will become worthless. The Florida Powerball people say this is the largest unclaimed jackpot since the game started. The owner of the store where the ticket was purchased says she's shocked because most of the people who play powerball are regulars. Although something we might not have realized, it's not unusual for some people never to claim their lottery prizes. Back in 2011, about $800 million dollars went unclaimed. Of course, that's only 2% of the $40 billion dollars won in lotteries. 

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