Charitable donations that give back

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's the season of giving,and those charitable donations you might think about making, have a perk thatgoes beyond the good deed.

Here is what you need toknow to make those donations go the extra mile.

'Tis the season, which iswhy Orisa Barnett is shopping at the Tucson Mall, but she also plans on givinga little something extra this Christmas to charity.

"Of course we give to helpother people and it makes us feel good too," stated Barnett.

She is one of many folksdoing the same, the end of the tax year coupled with the holiday spirit makesfor a very generous season.  Andfinancial expert Drew Blease says you can even make those donations give backto you.

"There's a way to givemoney to get state tax credit, which is a dollar for dollar credit against yourstate taxes," said Blease.

And many of them counttoward your federal taxes as well. Blease says, its all about choosing wisely which organizations get yourmoney.

Take a look at the options– you can donate more than a $1,000 to local private schools, and if you maxthat out you can give another $1,000 to the 'PLUS' Program, as well as another$400 to public schools and the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund.

There is a long list ofqualified charities that help the working poor.

That is a total of morethan $3,000, dollars you will get exact credit for on your state taxes.  But Blease cautions to be certain youdocument it.

"Many times a voided checkisn't all the proof you need.  You reallyneed a receipt from the organization."

Those receipts will beneeded when you deduct those donations from your federal taxes.  Blease also stated that you will likely haveto itemize but be sure to double check everything with our tax preparer too.

Orisa Barnett does notmind doing that because in a season of giving, she says there's no reason notto get a little bit back too.

"You should donate, causethe government is going to take it anyway. This way at least you know where it goes."

To find a list of qualified charitiesgo online to

The numbers used for this storywere for a married filing jointly, if you are single filing separately you can contributehalf of these amounts.

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