Neighbors watch abuse investigation continue on their street

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - On Wednesday Tucson Police returned to the Midtown home where three sisters say they were kept hostage by their mother and stepfather.  They took precise measurements inside and outside the home in case a crime scene reconstruction is needed in the future.

"(I saw) nothing. I mean I would look over there but I never did see anybody," said neighbor Donna Tatro who walked her dog, Shadow, on Estrella Avenue and in the open lot in front of the house.

" We actually, me and my mom, we were outside and my mom saw the guy with a girl purse walking towards the house.  He was like, kind of suspicious or something, drunk or something," said 13 year-old Lesly Briseno who spoke with the permission of her mother.  The girl had difficulty with the image of someone her age living in the conditions that the sisters described to police.

" I think it would be horrible being in a room locked all day, doing nothing, being scared, horrified," she said.

"Just to see those little girls suffer the way they did, it's just not right and I hope they do something for those little girls to start the healing process," Tatro said.

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