Report on conditions inside the Richter home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Now the public is learningmore of the horrible details about what when on inside the home, according tothe girls who were held.

The report details a veryhorrific scene in the home on Estrella Avenue. According to video obtained from inside the home, it was filthy.

The whole escape beganwhen Fernando Richter was trying to break down the girls' bedroom door,according to the report, all while he was holding a knife.  The girls then got out through an unlockedwindow and ran to a neighbor's house.

The girls were alsowhipped and beaten with wires, wooden sticks and hangers, the reportstates.

Here is a list puttogether by TPD on what they found in the home:

Jugs of water with mold inthe girls bedroom; dirty plastic plates, wooden sticks, wires and electricalcords; as well as urine and vomit soaked bedding and clothing in one of thegirl's closets.

According to courtdocuments, Sophia Richter denies beating her daughters and Fernando Richter sofar is not speaking to detectives.

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