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Today's Most: Anonymous giver drops gold coin in Salvation Army kettle

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TODAY'S MOST...Wonderful anonymous gift of a gold coin: We know it's the time of year when people around the country sometimes drop special gifts into Salvation Army red kettles. An anonymous donor just dropped a gold coin in a kettle in Charlotte. The Salvation Army says this is the first time ever that someone's done this in Charlotte. The coin is worth about $550. The man in charge of the Salvation Army in Charlotte says he's so happy - he's worked for the organization for 41 years and heard about other areas getting these special coins. Now finally Charlotte has one for itself.

TODAY'S MOST...Determined woman who avoided a ticket: A woman from Kentucky drove five-thousand miles to contest a ticket she got in New Jersey. The ticket only cost $56 dollars. But Lynda Farley drove back and forth from KY to NJ four or five times, and finally she beat the ticket. You have to look at the picture of the woman's car. She calls her vehicle the Liberty Van, and is a big supporter of the first amendment. She originally got the ticket because an officer said some of the stuff on her vehicle obstructed her view of the road. She says she's gotten similar tickets all over the country, and she fights them all. Bizarre.

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